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Clarity Challenge Day 1

The Focus Today Is Journaling

Challenge Today: “I am” statements, gratitude list and your “to do” list!

  • Turn 10 of the big goals into “I am” statements.  Make them present tense.  “I am buying the moon today.”

  • Write 10 things you’re grateful for.  A lot of times people have a hard time with this one- especially on a daily basis.  You can use the same ones tomorrow that you use today.  Also, you can use Air, Water, Inhaling, Exhaling, and so forth.  The point is to realize the good you actually have.

  • On the right side of your journal, write your “To Do” list.   Put them in order of priority by numbering them. 

  • Before you go to bed, review the items that were completed. If anything did not get done, move them to the next day or whatever day works best. 

  • No matter what, write out the next day’s to do list BEFORE you go to bed.

Today's Focus: Gratitude and Openness

Bring our best self to the next 7 days


15 minute warm-up flow to ease into the week

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