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Clarity Challenge Day 4

The Focus Today Is Staying in the Present

Challenge Today: Write 10 "Anchor Thoughts"

Anchor thoughts are things you can rely on to keep you in the present. Try to track how many times you use them, what happens, do they help?

  • If we’re in the past, we’re depressed

  • If we’re in the future, we’re anxious

  • Try to count the times you go into the past or present

  • Identify anchor thoughts that keep you in the present

We regret the past, fear the future, write our future, write other peoples’ futures.  We have conversations with people that aren’t there.  Buddhists believe that happiness is being in the moment. Basically, pleasure is owning a convertible, happiness is not thinking about anything else while you are riding in it.

Today's Focus:

Staying in the Moment

A flow that consistently draws attention to calling out the movements and not getting ahead, and not self-talking about doing things right or wrong or last night’s meatloaf of today’s meeting. None of those are real anyway, one is gone, the other has not happened and may not happen. Let go and be here.

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