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Clarity Challenge Day 2

The Focus Today Is Fear

Challenge Today: Writing out your fears and then ripping them up.

  • Grab a piece of notebook paper and write out your fears.

  • Once you have them on paper, tell the universe you are releasing them. If you believe in prayer, this is a good spot for the serenity prayer.

  • Tear the piece of paper up or burn it, whichever makes you feel better.

  • Fear is the chief activator of character defects. When we are in fear, the defects come to the surface the most. Defects like anger, greed, lust, gluttony, pride, envy and sloth to name seven.

  • Whenever something is wrong, ask yourselves, “what am I afraid of?”

  • In 12 step programs, they teach us that fear means we are either afraid of losing what we have or not getting what we want. Or both.

Today's Focus:

Becoming Fearlessly You!

Trusting that who you are is enough. Right here in this moment.

15 to 20 minute flow that incorporates more fluid movements and more warrior poses to bring out the fierce warrior in us all.

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