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Sober Myth Busting

In my drinking and drugging days I didn't think I would be fun sober.  I definitely did not think I could BE fun sober.  It's amazing the stories and excuses we tell ourselves to avoid stopping.  One of my first memories of being wrong...

Can You Be Sober And Happy?

Negative thinking can be a coping mechanism just like any substance.  Letting these thoughts in my head is comfortable. My disease does not want me happy.  Especially sober AND happy.

What Are You Not Looking At?

Denial is my kryptonite.  It creeps up on me when I don't even know it.  If there isn't someone or something holding me accountable, it can really take over.  This video shows it going back to '92.  When it was REALLY bad!

Meet Mary, Your Disease

I never liked hearing people blame outside voices or thoughts on their disease.  I didn't buy into the fact that my disease was a separate entity.  I am so grateful for being put in my place.  What else could it be?

Are You An Addict?

People often ask me if they are an addict.  I cannot say whether or not another person is an addict. A question that helps me determining my relationship with substances is, "what priority does it have in my life?"

How Do I Drink Less?

NObody wants to stop drinking totally.  There are some people out there who might want to cut back.  Either way, a good way to decide is tracking yourself.  Being completely honest, set daily plans around substances and write it down!

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