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Clarity Challenge Day 3

The Focus Today Is Procrastination

Challenge Today: Start a Time Tracking Chart

  • Commit to doing this for the next 30 days. It is extremely eye opening.

  • Procrastinating holds us back and is often a coping mechanism itself

  • We do this and then beat ourselves up over not getting done what we know needs to get accomplished.

  • Take your top 3 items from your “To Do” list and text them to a friend or even yourself.  As you complete them, text that #2 was done. 

  • Time tracking- The BEST tool for gaining clarity in ANYthing is tracking what you are doing!  Make categories and measure time by the quarter hour. 

timechart d.JPG

Today's Focus:

Determination and Getting Things Done

A flow that incorporates core strength to “strengthen our determination.”

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