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Clarity Challenge Day 6

The Focus Today Is Core Values

Challenge Today:

Make a List of your Top 10 Core Values

Rank them from 1-10, 1 being the most important.

The questions I asked in the video:

-        What is a time in your life you were professionally and personally satisfied? What were the key factors?

-        Most proud moment personally and professionally?

-        What are your non-negotiables?

Core values are guideposts to how we live our life. They are the things we believe are the most important to have for living your life. Core values are a description of your character- how you behave or what you are like. They hold strong no matter what- especially in times of stress and temptation.

Today's Focus:

Core Values

A flow that revisits core strength to and how building a strong body helps build a strong mind. That our core is a foundational basis for all over body health which helps solidify our base for living a life from our center, our core, our core values.

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