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Clarity Challenge Day 7

The Focus Today Is Your Personal Mission Statement

The last day!! Thank you so much for joining us!  We hope you enjoyed it!

Challenge Today:

Write your personal mission statement.

A personal mission statement defines who you are as a person and identifies your purpose. It explains how you plan to pursue that purpose and why it matters to you.

I hope you have enjoyed this challenge! You did GREAT!!! Please let me know how you liked it. Feel free to comment on my socials! Please call, text (843-371-0195) or email me with any questions!

Today's Focus:


You have done it, you made it through 7 days – today’s practice is about assimilation and owning your mission statement.

An all over feel good body flow and deep stretch that invites the practitioner to honor your journey for the past 7 days. 

Now, what is next? Another 7 days? Taking action on what you gained clarity into? 

You are limitless!

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